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Join our team as a Senior Front End Developer and level up the gaming industry with MOJAM. We’re experts in creating top-notch gaming services for CS2 players. With 4M+ users worldwide or 150K+ active users weekly, the adventure awaits!

🦸 Your superpowers

  • 5+ years of Frontend development experience
  • Foundational knowledge of html5/css/js
  • Understanding and experience in Vue3 and Typescript
  • Knowledge of basic software design patterns
  • Vision beyond only Frontend development (backends, microservices, integrations)
  • Prioritization of bringing Product value over Engineering perfection

🤘🏻 Nice to have

  • Experience in Nuxt 2 or 3
  • Experience in optimizing web pages performance
  • Experience in web graphics, animations, and it’s optimization
  • Experience in unit-testing your application
  • Knowledge of advanced software and architectural patterns
  • Passion towards great UIs: clean markups, smooth animations, responsiveness, stability

📍 What to do

  • Product tasks
  • Communicating with product and other teams, formulating technical requirements for new product features and supporting/bringing them to production
  • Supporting and improving existing features
  • Third-party services integration
  • Polishing of UI to improve UX
  • Technical tasks
  • Optimize application performance (both Client side and BFF side)
  • Code quality improvements to increase stability, improve developer experience and accelerate time-to-market

👀 Looking for people who

  • Love their work (enjoys going back to it every day)
  • Are striving to eliminate clutter and want to find optimal/universal solutions
  • Can prioritize their work based on the given vector of work
  • Don’t need constant micromanagement and can make decisions independently following the task
  • Know how to work in a team, raise issues if encountered, and find compromises to achieve goals

🍪 Team Perks 

  • Totally remote work from wherever you grind. Into coworking? We’ve got your back
  • Flex schedule with no time tracking, because our goal is results
  • Work gear on us, get the tech you need
  • Half-year bonus Twice a year every mojamer receives a sweet bonus as a nod to our shared achievements
  • Health buffs: compensation for sports and mental health, paid sick leaves, and 18 days for vacation
  • Skill boosts: we cover training, certs, UA and ENG classes, and pro tips from our top mojamers
  • Day-offs and gifts on important dates that you choose yourself (birthday, work anniversary, child’s birth, wedding)
  • A squad of PRO&BROs to craft epic gaming worlds with!

Join us if all these are about you 😉 Waiting for your application!

About company

We work in different countries of the world and develop our own products for gamers, which are among the top largest and most successful projects in their segment in the world. Tens of thousands of people from all over the world use our services every day.

In 2015, we launched our first project — a gaming community and entertainment service for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players. It entered the top 3 in its segment and provided us with an opportunity for further development of the company.

In 2019, we launched the second product, which in 2 years entered the world top-3 in the same segment. At the end of 2021, we launched the third project and there will be more. We want to grow further, so we are always looking for cool professionals to join our team.

Active users
Help to Ukraine, in $
Partner bloggers
Countries worldwide
Promo videos monthly

Why is it cool with us?

At our company, we highly value our people. We believe that it is essential for everyone to find enjoyment in their work and life, to continuously learn and develop new skills, and to have access to a comfortable and conducive environment that supports their creativity.

You will have the opportunity to make an impact on products that are used by millions of people
You will get a team of real bros, care, respect and open communication
You will have access to and implement cutting edge technologies and tools, and implement them
You will join a thriving market and be able to change the future
You will have defined goals, a clear direction of progress and structured processes
Focus on achieving goals, not tracking tasks or counting hours worked
The benefits you will have joining us
Home Office
If you are comfortable working from home, then you can spend $150 on furnishing your workplace.
If you can't find something you like in our equipment base, we will provide up to $2,000 to purchase it.
Coworking Compensation
Each teammate, regardless of the term of work, is given $250 per month to pay for the co-working space.
Taxes and accounting
We fully compensate taxes and help with management and consultation of your individual entrepreneurship.
Half-year bonus
We want to give credit to all mojamers for their contribution to the development of MOJAM, so every 6 months everybody will receive a bonus.
Mental Health Support Bonus
We care about your mental health, we also compensate 50% of the cost of sessions with a specialist.
Budget for Ukrainian
Speaking Ukrainian is amazing and we want to do it properly. So we compensate 50% of the course cost.
Budget for English
If you need to improve your English, we will compensate 50% of the cost of classes per month.
We always strive to implement something new in our work, so we compensate from 50% to 100% of the trainings cost.
You will have 18 days of paid vacation and the opportunity to carry over 10 days from last year.
Sick Leave
We are against working through fatigue and super effort, so you will have 15 days of paid sick leave.
Extraordinary Leave
We always support each other and freely give extra holidays to such occasions as: wedding, birth of a child, unforeseen events, etc.
Budget for sport
We care for the health of the teammates, so you can also use $50 a month to pay for sport activities.
Corporate activities
We want to relax as well as we work, so we host CS:GO tournaments, quizzes, lectures and other great events.
Birthday Day Off
Everyone gets one bonus day off to celebrate the special day.
Recommendation bonus
We appreciate when teammates recommend their friends, so you can get a cool bonus for doing so.
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