SocialParts is an online marketing software that helps websites get more traffic to their site. Our focus was on the development and integration of various API on the backend to keep SocialParts running smoothly.

Client’s Review

I can recommend word delivered by Kyrylo and Mojam team. After delivering 1st phase of the project we continue work on 2nd phase. I've decided to continue our cooperation because I'm satisfied with code quality, my vision was implemented and it's working fine. What is more, there were no major delays in project time plan.

Mariusz Kobak
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About project

We've provided for Mariusz SaaS and API development and integration.

The project was started from scratch as the Mariusz only had an idea of what he wanted to achieve. After understanding the client’s needs we did a list of the services the platform would provide. We created a WordPress plugin that was integrated through the website’s admin panel. This made it easier to manage the different plugins from the backend and also gave an easy avenue to control each plugin.

Then, our team has made a couple of test runs to ensure all the services attached and API blended well with the plugin. It was a necessity given the number of services that we attached to the platform.

All these were achieved with the use of Laravel technology equipped with an elegant syntax. about project



  • The difficulty to collect and track all the relevant information of the client
  • Make everything work to get better results and have good feedback
  • It’s only the beginning of the project, our client only had an idea about what he needed


  • Do a large number of tests in every service that we’ve provided
  • Implement more than 10 services to the platform
  • Developing a WordPress plugin that could be integrated through the admin panel
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