Do you know those movies where two friends meet, one is an excellent student and the other is a bad boy, and then they become best friends? This is how the MOJAM story began.

In the world of gaming, there are those who just wants to play, and those who aim to make a difference. MOJAM belongs to the latter. It all began with two friends, who shared a passion for gaming and an entrepreneurial spirit. They saw an opportunity to create something that would not only allow them to play more but also earn money doing what they love. Their first product, a case-opening service for CS:GO players, became an instant hit and now it’s a TOP-3 player on the world stage.

But MOJAM is more than just a company that creates something. We are a team of individuals who value innovations, pushing boundaries, and changing the world. We work hard and play hard, and we believe in taking care of each other. When times are tough, we stand together. That’s why we have donated $800,000 and continue to support the needs of our volunteers, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Our mission is to deliver unforgettable gaming experiences and create the best products for gamers worldwide. We have big dreams and ambitions, and we know that together, we can achieve anything. So come and join us, and let’s change the game!

History of MOJAM in years
Founders met and made their first attempts to create something.
Launch of the first product for the CS:GO players.
The product reached the TOPs in CIS. The team decided to enhance it.
MOJAM is created, the team includes 20 people.
Product reaches 1,000,000 visitors and maintains the leadership on the CIS market and in the world.
The team expanding to 40 people.
The first product is closing and the second appears.
The third project appears, all projects grow.
War and closing of the third product.
Amazing collabs with cybersportsmen and bloggers like Karrigan, Major sponsorship and many more...
The technologies we use in our products
JS, TS, Vue.js v3, Pinia, Sentry, Webpack, SCSS, Docker
Product Analytics
Amplitude, Tableau, Mysql(MariaDB), GBQ, GA.
PHP8+, Laravel, Yii2, Kafka, Redis, MySQL, NodeJS, NestJs, microservices, AWS, Kubernetes, GitLab, CI/CD
AWS services (EKS/RDS/MSK/ElastiCache/S3/Secret Manager/Amazon MQ), Cloudflare, Helm, Docker, Grafana Cloud (Loki/Prometheus/Grafana OnCall/Grafana), nginx, GitLab CI Terraform
Interesting facts about MOJAM
Our products have reached an impressive user base of 3.5 million.
We have 110K engaged user sessions per week.
Our product sites see an average of 3.6К transactions occur daily.
Every day, approximately 1,400 new users sign up for our products.
We rank within the TOP-5 advertising companies in the world in our segment.
Our company actively takes part in the major eSports tournaments and sponsor teams.
We collaborate with top e-sports stars such as Kerrigan, Coldzera, Kennys, as well as bloggers like Robleis, Staxx, and Tarifa.
We are among the TOP-3 most visited websites in the world in our segment.
Every month, the team creates an impressive 500 promotional videos showcasing our products.
Values that guide us
Be Bro
At the core of MOJAM lies a commitment to humanity and honesty. Our team holds the utmost regard for respect, trust, care, and uses the principle of equality for all.
Be Pro
We're not just a group of professionals, we're a team that strives for excellence. We're always growing, learning, and refining our skills. Motivated and inspired by our work every day.
Be user oriented
Our users are the heart and soul of everything we do. By carefully studying their needs and desires, we ensure that every interaction with us is a truly unforgettable experience that astonish.
Be a game changer
We fearlessly strive to revolutionize the world. We provide a one-of-a-kind user experience and pioneer new trends in the market. We are unafraid of change, and constantly push ourselves to innovate.
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