This weekend, Kyiv hosted an absolutely phenomenal event. The capital gathered IT enthusiasts from all over the country at the DOU Day conference. Over 1600 guests, dozens of talks and stands, industry stars as speakers — a shining example of Ukraine’s bright future. Simply WOW 🔥

DOU is a community of people living and breathing new technologies, and of course, our teammates are an integral part of it. Yes, one of the first official event partners was MOJAM.

As the sun rose over Kyiv, we were already prepping for an intense day of juicy insights and discoveries with a cup of coffee in hand. The location, set on the banks of the Dnipro and surrounded by greenery, added a special vibe. Friendly staff greeted us at the entrance, and just a few steps away was the Lexus booth. A great motivation to keep moving forward, right? 👀

Among the dozens of lectures on marketing, programming, and the future of IT in Ukraine and the world, our mojamer Pasha highly praised Oleksandr Savchenko’s talk on “Architectural Fitness Functions.” We’re now looking forward to leveling up our internal processes and upgrading the lives of digital architects:

A fantastic event, thanks to everyone involved! I especially enjoyed Oleksandr Savchenko’s talk on fitness functions. But I also learned a lot from the PRO lectures!

Pasha, Team Lead

Developer Dima also couldn’t resist the top-notch insights. Here’s his feedback on the specialized talks:

The architectural stage was top-notch. Especially the topics on documentation generation and fitness functions. There was an enormous amount of information, but all of it was useful. I’d recommend everyone to watch these two talks. From the first, you can learn documentation standards, types, and work optimization. From the second, some great ideas for testing applications and metrics to track changes. Our team discussed these points separately afterward)

Dima, Front-end Developer

But technological advancements benefit not only ordinary Ukrainians but also the heroes protecting us. A separate part of the event was dedicated to military inventions that are already helping or will help in the near future. A big plus to the organizers for not forgetting who allows us to keep creating the future.

Teammates not only learned from top speakers but also met stars of the Ukrainian media space. Musicians and actors, Kurgan and Agregat, chatted with everyone and discovered the robodog from Unitree. Meanwhile, the head of the “Come Back Alive” foundation, Taras Chmut, discussed the life and challenges of managing Ukraine’s largest charity organization in a panel discussion.

How to shortly sum up this day? No way, so here’s a comment from MOJAM’s People Partner, Liza:

The impressions after the conference are amazing! And there are many reasons for this, the first being the scale of the event! I haven’t seen so many people in one place for a long time!)

Despite the large number of people, it was quite comfortable in all the spaces. The location and the center where the event was held were TOP! It was also important to meet colleagues whom I hadn’t seen offline for a very long time due to the absence of an office in Ukraine!

Regarding the lectures, it was interesting to hear about the benefits of data visualization and the insights that these visualizations can lead to!

I also want to highlight the military tech. It was very interesting to see the Ukrainian developments for defending our country.

It’s worth noting the various entertainment provided throughout the conference by both the organizers and the companies at the booths.

And lastly, but also important, the pleasant gifts that will serve as material reminders of this wonderful day.

Liza, People Partner

Thanks to DOU for the cool photos!


A fantastic event with incredible people. Finally, the mojamers “devirtualized” after a long time online. And that’s TOP! We are charged up for new heights to move Ukraine forward and bring victory closer. DOU Day concluded with a small concert by the legendary TNMK. *cue a nostalgic tear*

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