It’s cool when your hobbies are supported by brands. It’s even cooler when these brands are not only the logo on the promotional banner of the tournament, but also a significant contribution to the Armed Forces within the framework of the partnership.

The Ukrainian VALORANT eSports tournament was held in April and more than 400 players took part in it. The matches of the tournament were broadcast on the Twitch channel, where players competed with each other in decisive races as well as in charity ones. In particular, thanks to this match, VCOM was able to collect more than 80 thousand hryvnias. This money will be spent on the reconstruction of captured enemy equipment, which will later help the Armed Forces. In total, 80 teams played in VCOM_UA, and 106 spectators of the tournament took part in the charity event.

And here are some statistics:

  • 21,574 views in Telegram
  • 4,577,740 views on Instagram

Moreover, our teammates — Oleksandr R. and Danylo S. — also took part in the tournament. They competed together with their team and at the same time helped the organizers.

It was important for us to show the boys that they had a reliable support team behind them. Therefore, we collected merch for them with the logo of MOJAM and Goblins in Barrel (their theme), packed it and sent it from Kharkiv to Kyiv in record time.

The tournament was held on April 22-30: first qualifiers, then qualification, and finally, the offline event. Sasha and Danya actively helped the organizers of the tournament: they supported newcomers, took photos, and insured the process.

The broadcast of the final day was conducted by Kyrylo slaxer Vernudin, a young Ukrainian-speaking caster of Maincast (CS/Valorant), and Nicole T1gerToes Lytovchenko, the host of our Ukrainian CS:GO team, IKLA (ex-EC Kyiv). 

There were famous cosplayers presented and we can single out Daria Khime (she is a locally popular cosplayer in Ukraine). Among the interesting people at the event itself was petr1k, who was responsible for the intra-club part of the broadcast, interviewed team captains, talked with the audience and guests, and was a kind of guest star from the CS media party. After the finals and the awarding of medals to the guys who took the first and second places, there was a raffle directly from petr1k’a.

For us, VCOM happened pretty unexpectedly and we literally flew into the last car of the cyber train at full speed. But we are glad that we were able to help Armed Forces of Ukraine and donate 40,000 hryvnias.

Now our main focus is the support of Ukrainian players in VALORANT, CS:GO and other shooters. MOJAM strives to be an active part of the game industry of Ukraine and to develop it with partners.

Despite the war, the eSports market in our country is slowly starting to grow. MOJAM wants to be a part of this process.

And although we started small, we already know in advance that WE WILL JAM TOGETHER.

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