Do you remember what life was like before February 24, 2022? It feels like it was centuries ago. That day marked the beginning of a new chapter for every Modjemer and Ukrainian. For two years, we’ve been fighting for our future, and victory is inevitable.

Ukrainians showed the world what unity and bravery look like. But what have we discovered in each other? Sincerity. The sincerity to be ourselves and to help both friends and strangers. It’s a strength that helps us create light even in the darkest times. And today, volunteers, with whom MOJAM actively and effectively supports the Armed Forces, will share sincere stories with us.

I remember the first days when nothing was clear, lots of fear, and a strong urge to act. People were already actively raising funds for drones, humanitarian aid, equipment, and I wanted to join in. My brother serves in ‘DOZOR,’ so I immediately started asking him, ‘How can I help you? Maybe a rifle, a scope, or something else?’ Amidst all the nervous messages in the news, fundraising for the army, I received a voice message where my brother calmly asked me to buy him energy bars, vitamins, and slippers. In the chaos of Kyiv, where russian troops were already appearing, I went, looking for energy bars and comfy slippers.

Vladyslav “Kitayskiy kot,” volunteer

In two years, we’ve learned to distinguish the sound of a nighttime garbage truck from a shahed, figured out how to live without electricity, quickly dropped everything and ran to the corridor, but most importantly – we’ve learned to believe. In ourselves, in our neighbours, in the Armed Forces, and in victory.

The biggest push to take action was on February 24. I’m from Luhansk, and after 2014, I wasn’t confident about new confrontations with the enemy. But on the first day of the full-scale invasion, I saw how the Armed Forces repelled attacks from the russian federation, and it was a turning point. I realized that we have an army, that we will defend our country. And I will help in any way I can.

Roman “orjeunesse,” volunteer

Strength lies in unity, so Modjemers actively support KOLO fund, “Azov,” “Kraken,” “Dozor,” and other military units every month. In 2023, we donated $732,317, which is $105,635 more than the previous year. And we’ll only keep growing because help should be non-stop. Learn more about donations, directions, and reports in our annual video report.

Last year, we fundraised for winter sleeping bags and charging stations for the Solydarsky direction. I posted a message about the fundraiser in the chat of MOJAM employees and former employees, and guys and girls helped with donations, and we closed the necessary amount. Later, we agreed with the company on permanent cooperation, and since then, we’ve been actively identifying urgent needs and helping out. Right now, we’ve ordered a set of 10 FPV drones and bought a thermal imager; we’re waiting for the drones to be ready to take them to the Zaporizhzhia direction for the military.

Dmytro Sokolov, volunteer at the Courage Equipment Foundation

Since summer 2022, Modjemers have joined the ranks of KOLOssus, and since then, we’ve been helping the Armed Forces every month. KOLO is a team of volunteers and companies providing operational assistance to the military. During our friendship, we’ve sent $218,000 and purchased over 80 radios, 24 thermal cameras, repeaters, and drones, which help our heroes on the front lines.

Each of our lives has changed. Some have simply reevaluated what’s truly valuable, while others have completely turned their lives around, and MOJAM is no exception. Helping the affected, donating to teammates in the military, and offering days off during relocations have become mandatory aspects of our team philosophy.

When the full-scale invasion of the russian federation into Ukraine began, my friends became soldiers. Many of them were not provided with the necessary equipment, comfortable clothing, tools for work, etc. I really wanted to help with purchasing everything they needed, so from March 28, 2022, I started volunteering and raising money for the needs of the 127th brigade. We fundraised for ammunition, drones, clothing. Now my circle of assistance has expanded, but the goal remains the same. And from May, we started working with MOJAM. We’ve already purchased a lot, from drones and ammunition to bags and rifles, but we’re not stopping and increasing our assistance.

Yevhen Polunin, volunteer

Thanks to the Titans who defend Ukraine. You’re the reason we never stop.

Glory to Ukraine!

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