Game changers not just in words, but in actions. Our development team constantly monitors technical updates and implements cool innovations into our product. Moreover, we push the development of vital external IT projects that we believe in.

At the initiative of our CTO, MOJAM now has a new BRO – Nest.js. As a team that actively uses Nest.js in our server-side NodeJS services, we want to support its growth and boost its level up 🚀.

We’ve already become top donors to the Nest.js project, contributing a total of $6000 so far, with an additional $1000 being added each month.

Nest.js is an open-source framework that we use in all our server-side NodeJS services. It structures the approaches and thinking of our developers, and we want to see it actively developed and maintained.

We use many similar tools in our work and, ideally, we should sponsor them all. However, Nest.js appeared to be the least funded, which is why we chose it first.

In the future, we plan to expand this initiative and allocate a regular budget for open-source, which will be distributed through internal voting.

Serhii, CTO

Nest.js was released into open access only in 2023, yet it already has a significant following, from regular users to top companies like Microsoft, who are using it extensively.

This is the first external IT project we’re supporting, but we plan to continue this form of assistance to ensure top tools and interesting solutions receive the necessary support and continue to develop actively.

About Nest.js

NestJS is a platform for building scalable server-side applications on Node.js. It supports TypeScript and allows you to write code in pure JavaScript, combining object-oriented, functional, and reactive programming. NestJS provides a ready-made architecture inspired by Angular for creating high-quality, scalable, and maintainable applications. With the latest JavaScript capabilities, NestJS brings design patterns and proven solutions to the Node.js world. It’s a must-have for developers who want to work quickly and efficiently.

Visit the project’s site to learn more: https://docs.nestjs.com/

Support Nest.js via: https://opencollective.com/nest

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