Not long ago, on June 2, MOJAM was invited to a charity evening. It was held by the KOLO fund for companies that most often donate and help UAF. In total, they have about 36 “koloss” companies: in addition to us, DOU, Grammarly, Djinny.co and others. There were about 40 guests at the evening itself, including us. By the way, KOLO organizers chose a very stylish loft place and prepared a wonderful catering service with snacks. We appreciate it a lot!

The main purpose of this evening was to raise funds for the UAV. Everyone could come and donate any amount, and so we did, joining the queue of those who also wanted to help. This process did not take place in silence: the hosts were helping, guiding and joking in the meanwhile (everyone now remember the witticisms about “credit limits”). The most important thing was that the military themselves joined the charity evening, for whom the very purchase of the Ukrainian reconnaissance drone SHARK was planned.

In a previous life, they were IT specialists, and the deputy commander turned out to be a UKLON product manager. Despite the heavy workload, the guys spent time with the guests, shared terrible stories and difficult moments of the war, but still continued to joke and smile. We were very touched by this: we can move on with our lives thanks to these simple men who decided to go to the end no matter what.

So we will not get tired of repeating: “Ukraine is above all”. Many thanks to the 15th artillery reconnaissance brigade and to all our military!


You can join the fundraising too and donate via the link. Now KOLO has already managed to raise UAH 2,533,174, but the goal is even bigger – five million. This is one of the hugest collections of funds and it is dedicated to the anniversary of the whole project.

Moreover, at the charity evening you could obtain lots for donations: a tube from an Excalibur anti-tank missile, an A3 art photo signed by the soldiers of the legendary Azov brigade and a calendar with a photo from one of the fighters of the 15th brigade with the signature of Zaluzhny! There were other lots, but we didn’t even have time to look at them as other guests were taking them too quickly.

By the way, information for the dog-friendly community: apart from human guests, there were two main participants in the Koloss party – a French bulldog and a shiba inu. Below you can see how our Mojamer Daniil managed to invite a furry guest to a photo shoot.

At the KOLO charity evening, there were special awards to donating companies thanks to which KOLO managed to raise $2,044,340 in a year: we received a cool glass figurine in the nomination “Best lane support for the strongest carry”. The Cup already has its own cozy place in our office in Kharkov.

At the end, we have to say that we liked the event very much. It was cozy and calm, without any unexpected incidents and excessive drive. In general, we are very happy to attend such events as we are eagerly striving to become an important part of the Ukrainian community. So if you do not have enough guests, who you gonna call? Call MOJAM! 🙂

  • P.S: make sure to join the cool activity of KOLO, “Svyatkove Kolo”: the main gift for each of us will be victory, and you can bring it closer by creating a donation page. There your friends and relatives will be able to transfer the amount of money for your birthday, which will go straightly to UAF.
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