Before 2014 our founders lived in Luhansk region and now they know about how the war began, from the very heart of it. They were still schoolboys then, but they understood everything perfectly and the question of which side they were on did not arise at all. Their parents decided to go to Kharkiv and there the war caught them for the second time.

Even before the full-scale invasion of russia into Ukraine, the guys actively helped with donations and volunteered, and since February 24, this help has increased many times. In just the first week of the full-scale war, MOJAM donated $200K to the Return Alive fund, and then the flow of donations went to other funds as well. And to this day, every month the company sends tens of thousands of dollars to help the Armed Forces, volunteers, humanitarian funds, etc.

We transferred money to such funds as: Tabletochki, the Prytula Fund, the Ministry of Social Policy, Ork Busters and dozens of separate brigades of Armed Forces. The entire list of help we’ve provided can be seen here. In the summer of 2022, we became KOLOses, that is, participants of the KOLOna project, which some sort of “subscription” for monthly donations directed to the needs of our army. To date, within the framework of this project, we have already transferred about $84K, and with all donations outside the project, the amount was about $108K.

To date, the company itself has donated about $700,000, and it is very difficult to calculate how much each MOJAM worker had donated individually. In addition to financial support, our girls and boys buy and bring cars, equipment, Starlinks, drones, help with humanitarian aid and medicine, equip their friends and relatives and donate like crazy. We are proud that we are Ukrainians and that we can help our country. We will continue to do this and will not stop even after Victory. 

If you want to donate, on this page you can find links to funds that we ourselves have given money to and they are credible.

Together we will win! Stand with Ukraine and go ahead to our Victory!

On behalf of the entire staff, we express our sincere thanks to you for your volunteer activity, your care, and your help to the Ukrainian army in winning victory over the Russian invader!

You make us feel our unity and invincibility. To feel that there is a nation, that you are among your own and together we hold our country for the sake of the people! Glory to the Nation!

Armed Forces of Ukraine
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