It was legendary. Every BRO and SIS won’t forget this wild experience. We’re getting closer to the moment when we can compare the Champions League final and the Super Bowl to a Major. Isn’t that just awesome?

We’ve always been keeping up with the top esports events, and as soon as the biggest Counter-Strike tournament in the world – the PGL CS2 Major 2024 held in Copenhagen from March 17 to 31 – wrapped up, we had to share our take on it. Top teams from around the globe battled for months to earn that golden ticket, first through qualifiers and then the regional RMR events. Then the best of the best got to visit the most esports-centric country in the world – Denmark.

How did the Major go down? 👀 True to the CS tradition – plenty of upsets and underdogs making deep runs. Even in the opening stage, strong squads like GamerLegion, ENCE, and Apeks crushed the hopes of fans and continued their march to the finals from the comfort of their living rooms. But while some faltered, others stepped up. The main hope of the Asian scene, TheMongolz, made it to the second stage and secured an additional slot for their region.

However, the real dark horses turned out to be someone else entirely. The Turkish squad Eternal Fire, led by the legendary XANTARES, delivered countless wow moments. For instance, they beat the Paris Major champions Vitality and demolished the eventual finalists FaZe with a dominant 13-1 scoreline. With each passing day, the online and offline crowds kept building up the celebratory energy, and as the climax approached, the fans just kept getting louder.

And among the chants echoing through the Royal Stadium in Denmark, you could hear the voices of the mojamers pouring their hearts into supporting their favorite team. Witnessing such a historic underdog-to-champion run live – isn’t that just the dream?

Mojamers POV

It wasn’t just the hearts of the victory-born fans that were on fire, but the players themselves. Captain AleksiB, who weathered the toughest trials but never lost faith, the young w0nderful who handled the incredible pressure of “replacing S1mple”, past Major stars jL and iM proving their skill, not just their luck, and B1t becoming the first-ever CS 2 and CS:GO champion.

The road to the final 🏆 After taking down Eternal Fire and G2 in the playoff, the yellow-and-blacks faced off against the perennial tournament favorites, FaZe Clan. This match decided the fate of the first-ever CS 2 champion and the $500,000 grand prize. And the expectations were more than met, 101%. The first Ancient map saw insane highlights from jL, the confident Mirage by FaZe Clan, and the decisive Inferno victory for the born-to-win squad. We can’t skip over the record-breaking 137,000 peak viewership on the Ukrainian Maincast stream.

Absolute cinema, you might say. But that’s not all, we’ll add. Most mojamers followed the Major closely starting from the open qualifiers. And by the time the grand finals rolled around, almost everyone was involved: some watched the streams online and discussed the latest spicy storylines with their teammates, while others cheered live at the Royal Stadium. So to really crank up the hype, we launched the first-ever PROJamer League prediction competition, where anyone could test their knowledge and luck, earning points for correct predictions and climbing the leaderboard 🚀

For two weeks, our team discussed all the inside scoops, broke down the pro players’ mentality, followed the ever-changing tournament brackets, and even hopped on watch parties to give away Major swag. It was an intense, fiery sprint that left us ready to launch our own analysis studio.

How mojamer’s predicts look like ⤵️

And you might wonder, how could luck and desire outpace experience and analytics? Well, it’s simple, just listen to the silver medalist’s 🥈 comment:

In MOJAM, we have a lot of super PRO teammates in Counter-Strike. So when our internal pick’em started, I hesitated to join, since my knowledge is, let’s say, a bit limited. But my BRO on the team advised me to hop in to learn more about CS, and I figured I’d also test my luck.

Two weeks of maximum Major immersion – every morning we got an interesting summary of all the arena action and links to place our own predictions. And in the evenings, the league standings, where the leader kept changing. In short, it was thrilling, I caught the vibe and dove into the esports world.

The final itself – that was a WOW moment for sure. My teammates at the arena were sharing the hype live, and we were cheering even harder for the born-to-win squad! In the end, Navi took the trophy, and I finished second in the PROJamer League! Luck and unwavering faith in NAVI paid off! So now I’m waiting for my Copen-hoodie and buying a ticket to Vegas, since my luck is maxed out right now!

P.S. Got so used to the motivating morning messages over those two weeks that I’ve now subscribed to my BRO’s cute cat newsletter! Like!

Yulia, Employer Branding Manager

But it was all incredibly intense. Throughout the tournament, up until the semifinals, there was a single leader among the mojamers , confidently marching towards the gold medal. However, Zhenya lost the lead after an epic win streak by the eventual champions. A few words from the bronze medalist 🥉

Big thanks for organizing this event! It was super interesting, and over these two weeks, I went on a real emotional rollercoaster. I started strong and held the lead all the way to the playoffs, where faith in the favorites proved stronger than analytics. Unexpected, but that’s why we love Counter-Strike.

Zhenya, Product Manager

And now for the tastiest part – the prizes 🎁 Each league participant will receive MOJAM corporate merch. The bronze and silver medalists will get Majors hoodies, of which there are only a few dozen in the world. And for the champion – a one-of-a-kind personalized NaVi jersey.

But that’s not all. Among the watch party attendees, we randomly gave away some born-to-win merch – the teammates are getting sweet NaVi tees. Another lucky winner was picked from our Insta followers, and they’re already getting a piece of the first Major atmosphere in the form of a souvenir tee.

And an interesting fact about the mojamers’ gaming love story 💘 Although the newbies have just dived into the Counter-Strike world, most of us are OGs in this culture. Some were hanging out in basements with friends, grinding 1.5 or begging older brothers to let them try 1.1. Counter-Strike isn’t just another game – it’s hundreds of stories, emotions, and friendships. It’s a piece of each of us.

And one of the main stories in Max’s collection will definitely be his PROJamer League victory 🥇 The absolute MVP, who was a dark horse throughout the Major. After the ups and downs, he snatched the win in incredible style, predicting the exact final match result. What was his strategy, and did he stick to it?

I’m not that great at CS, so it was actually easier for me, with no biased eye. I watched some games or just checked the team results and made comparisons, like “they won 2-0 confidently, here it was a close 2-1.” Some bets were more like “I believe in these guys, but they’ll probably drop one map.”

I was 90% sure NaVi would win the final – they showed great form leading up to it, while FaZe had a tougher path. I bet on the players’ individual skill, because even in a 1v3 situation, you can’t count them out. But I understood FaZe would get their map pick, where they’d be clear favorites, and this is the finals after all, so it couldn’t be a massive blowout.

So in the end, I got lucky on a few key moments more than just pure skill.

Max, Recruiter

🎖 Another MVP we can’t skip is Lekavičius Justinas, better known as jL. The first-ever Lithuanian Major champion. He blessed us with incredible highlights and infectious charisma every single day.

But this whole epic was just a warmup for the in-team tournament – the MOJAM CS 2 Cup. The teammates were inspired by NaVi’s victory, learned some new tricks, and are ready to compete for their own trophy very soon.

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